Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Procrastination or A Workaholic on Holiday

Decided to create a blog because I've taken the week off work and found myself wondering what to do. I have a long list of tasks I can't do while I'm working but I don't much feel like doing any of them. I can't go away as Harry the Cat is 19, on his last legs, so the vet said two years ago, and is behaving strangely. He stands for long periods of time, as though he's forgotten why; he turns round in circles without achieving anything and he will now only eat from my hand, though he can eat perfectly well on his own. I give him chicken, he wants fish; I give him fish, he wants chicken. He won't eat the vet's supercrunchies.
I'm still spending most of my time in the office. The computer is a great draw. I surf a lot, to satisfy my curiosity about courses friends mention on channelled writing, emotional wellbeing, animal intuition and angel workshops. I plan to do them all one day. For now, the recorded music society and the piano group on a Wednesday will have to do.
Anyway, the sun is shining. Perhaps I should go for a walk to the alpine gardens nearby; it's my favourite retreat. It's nearly three o'clock though and I've just noticed a bit of filing. It won't take long.

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